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The Church Windows

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If attachment to and love for a thing or a person can be measured by participation, then we can say with certainty that our church is the fruit of interest, enthusiasm and generosity. Even as the first collections were being taken for the construction of the church, there were many proposals ways to decorate it. And with the help of Northern Glass of Ottawa, one of these was accomplished — stained-glass windows on three sides of our church.

Researching and designing symbols that depicted the life of Mary was no easy task; however with a bit of imagination and a lot of determination, the work was completed in very little time. Although some compromise was necessary, the end results not only complement the architecture and style of the church, but also reflect the Italian aspect of our religious culture. The background colour of the windows also deserves a special mention. This purple hue changes not only with the season and the weather, but window-by-window, depending on the angle of the light.

Here is a guide for those who, in addition to admiring the windows, would like to understand the symbols:

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Church Windows