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Father Antonio receives the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

On Sunday October 14, Father Antonio Pannunzi was one of 14 recipients of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal presented by the Honourable Bob Chiarelli, MPP.

When I first receive the official letter in July, I was a little dismayed …I didn’t understand why I was chosen. I began rethinking my past years in the parish and at this point my first sentiment of gratitude went also to the outsiders who have noticed the vitality of our parish. I am very happy to have received this recognition:

  1. for all the work that has been done so far;
  2. it is a recognition for all the volunteers who have worked and continue working together for the good of the parish;
  3. and thirdly this comes from the reality of the laity.

I have included the introduction of the ceremony:

diamond jubilee medalQueen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Ceremony.

Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to our honourees, their family, friends, and other special guests.

Thank you for joining us today to honour the worthy accomplishments of our friends and neighbours with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

These medals are handed out to deserving individuals across Canada, and the medal serves to honour the significant contributions and achievements of Canadians while serving as a way for this country to honour Her Majesty for her 60 years of service to Canada.

Would you please join me in welcoming our 14 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients.

Rev. Antonio Pannunzi. Our next honouree has been the Parish Priest at the Madonna Della Risurrezione church since 1992. He is a strong promoter of community, and advocates to his parishioners to ‘live in the parish’ and share one’s life by participating in community events and interacting with our neighbours. He promotes his vision of community beyond his parish, and encourages others to embrace all the vibrant multiculturalism of our city. Rev. Antonio Pannunzi, please come accept your Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Congratulations, Rev. Pannunzi.

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